• Present in the ECO YPF CHALLENGE

    CDS Pico Truncado / Participations

    We participate in a unique competition with electric cars of emission CERO designed by students of technical schools of Argentina. The 7th edition was held on November 18, 2018 at the Buenos Aires autodrome. Thanks to the management of CDS PICO TRUNCADO, we transport the prototype developed by students from Industrial School No. 2 from Pico Truncado to Buenos Aires.

    And in addition, the team achieved second place in the Challenge Setup test! Congratulations!

    We share some interesting facts about this day at full speed!

    *** More than 1000 students of technical schools. Each of the 72 participating schools put together their equipment to design and build, with the guidance of their teachers, an electric car powered by batteries.

    *** 23 Provinces involved. A federal championship where all the provinces of Argentina are represented.

    *** Electric cars of Emission CERO. Encouraging the research of non-polluting alternative transportation systems, to design, produce, test and compete using new technologies.

    *** 72 Designs of cars. Each team will work on its own design, based on a technical regulation and a manufacturing kit approved and drawn by the CDA of the Automobile Club Argentino.

    *** A pioneer race in the world. Care of the environment, integrated learning and use of design and construction, for the application of scientific principles, mathematical concepts and technological systems.