• 27th ARLOG Meeting

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    The Argentine Association of Logistics Business (ARLOG) held the 27th National Logistics Meeting, on November 1 in the city of Buenos Aires. Under the slogan "Logistics 4.0: the customer experience and its integration with the Supply Chain processes", it gathered more than 500 people.

    After the welcome of Raúl Garreta and Javier Rojo, presidents of ARLOG and of the meeting, respectively, Carlos Melconian, former president of Banco Nación, took the floor.

    The following talk was given by José Urtubey, UIA leader and director of Celulosa Argentina who predicted that "The recession will be very strong."

    Next, Ezequiel Lemos, president of Belgrano Cargas, and Mariano Saúl, undersecretary of Ports and Waterways. They reported that, during September, the company Trenes Argentinos Cargas transported 438,453 tons, 53% more than the same period of 2017.

    Subsequently, Carlos Frugoni, president of AUSA, spoke about the urban logistics plan: "Among the most significant works are the underpass, the Dellepiane Node and the Paseo del Bajo. This is not only a road work, but an urban one. This work will have 135,000 daily beneficiaries who travel it. There are 4,000 people working directly. We are with more than 55% of the work executed. "

    Then it was the turn of Sergio Mazzitelli and Sergio Szterenzus, executives of Molinos Rio de la Plata, who spoke on 4.0 technology as a competitive advantage and its application in a mass consumption industry.

    Also Maria Munaro, leader of Blockchain in IBM Argentina, and María Laura Fillippello, general manager of Maersk Line, continued with a talk about the use of Blockchain in international logistics, which allowed them to develop "Tradelens", a shipping solution designed to promote a more efficient and secure global trade.

    Later, Daniel Reale, manager of land transport at YPF, and Cynthia Ramasco, head of management control of lubricants and specialties of the company, told the experience of "forecast oil" and its work to supply fuel to the entire country.

    The last case was in charge of Verónica Dávila, head of commercial logistics at Roche Argentina.

    In the closing came the block oriented to the future of work. It was in charge of Paula Molinari, president of Whalecom, who referred to the 15-dimensional model (autonomy, speed, transparency, new forms of relationship, welfare, new models of organization, fun, personalization, inclusion, innovation, sustainability, time resignified, resignified space, another leadership and a new concept of success) that they use to work on changes in business models and in the world of work.

    By way of conclusion, Raúl Garreta and Javier Rojo said: "Of course, those who do not contemplate this revolution, led by new technologies, will have problems facing the future. This reality offers us an even more challenging objective for the 2019 Meeting ".

    Our company was present at the event from some of its main references.