• We increase our frequency to Añelo

    CDS / Branches

    Since October, we have increased our frequency to Añelo (Neuquén), as a consequence of the greater demand for transport to that area, due to the growth of unconventional oil and gas deposits in Vaca Muerta.

    As of October, we arrive periodically and from Monday to Friday, both to Añelo and to other nearby towns (San Patricio del Chañar, Villa Manzano, Corralmirante Cordero and Coronel Vidal, for example). Previously, the frequency of said service was twice a week.

    Located in the province of Neuquén, Añelo is the town closest to the main unconventional deposits, existing in Loma Campana, Vaca Muerta. It is only 15 kilometers away from this town and it is also used as a base for warehouses and dormitories of several of the companies that operate in Vaca Muerta.

    The growing demand for the growth of the area includes the need to transport oil supplies, valves, cabinets, tools, etc., in the partial load mode and also a large number of complete equipment.

    Vaca Muerta has a potential for obtaining gas and has oil resources that reach 27 billion barrels, which implies 10 times the current reserves of Argentina. Some time ago it became the main investment destination of the sector, with the participation of a large number of companies installed and others with plans to do so.

    "We are pleased to be able to make this announcement, aimed at providing solutions and greater services to companies and individuals who are betting on growth, in a context of difficulties. Vaca Muerta is part of the future development of the country. Accompanying these projects is part of the mission of Cruz del Sur, "said Jorge Montes, Manager CDS Neuquén.