• CEDOL Anniversary

    CDS / 20 years promoting good practices

    The presence in a camera like CEDOL is very positive. Participating means strengthening relations with institutional and commercial focus, this helps us to confirm the advantages of reciprocal treatment by consolidating positioning, access and updating of valuable information, business stimulation, exposure of our services and strengthening of relationships and alliances, among many other benefits.

    As active members of CEDOL, we consider that it is an entity that worked and works to be a tool for updating and usefulness with which we can count, contributing to the professionalization of the sector and its growth, adding specific knowledge of the sector from the exchange with other organizations

    If we had to think about the activity of the camera in the next 20 years, the line of work would be the same: continue the path of development, increase the professionalism and innovation of the sector, expand participation in activities on both the national and international stage with maturity and capacity, assuming an increasingly prominent role, that is, strengthening as reference points in the country, integrating the resolution of consultations and training as a collaborator of ideas for the state and companies.