• Present at the Patagónico Festival of Cervezas Artesanales (FePCA)

    CDS Río Gallegos / Events & participations

    The Festival Patagónico de Cervezas Artesanales (FePCA) was held on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April in the town of Rio Gallegos on the grounds of the Rural Society.

    The attendees enjoyed an exquisite festivity where they combined tasty and outstanding craft beers consecrated from our Province and the rest of Argentina, also had a wide variety of delicious local cuisine and the outstanding participation of artists from the city who played live during all day.

    This type of events generates a space for local production, culture, tourism and the temporary activation of the regional economy, for this reason the General Producer of FePCA looked for the possibility of incorporating a national artist, in this way it was carried out a musical show by Hilda Lizarazu, among others.

    The producers that are part of the FePCA Edition Fall 2019 are; from Rio Gallegos, Newen Mapú, Kalú, Yatel, Haize and Eterna; from El Calafate, Chopen and Poincenot; from El Chaltén, Glaciers; of Rio Turbio, El Duende; and as we were advancing from more than 2,700 kilometers, Puliwen (Mendoza) arrives.

    This edition has the particularity that it was attended by the President of the Argentine Chamber of Producers of Craft Beer, Mr. Anibal Loggia, who gave a free talk to all beer producers.

    FePCA is a public event with a purely private organization, it is carried out by Santa Cruz entrepreneurs born and raised in Rio Gallegos. It is worth highlighting and appreciating the important support from official entities such as the Municipality of Rio Gallegos, which provides, for example, on loan the platforms for the stage, the kind advice and guidance from the Trade Department, and logistical support from the Honorable Chamber of Commerce. Deputies of the Province; they are not economic contributions but for FePCA they are very important collaborations to carry out each edition. In this edition, the sponsorship of a private company that relied on the event, Transporte Cruz el Sur SA, is appreciated and appreciated. FePCA was declared of Provincial Interest by the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Santa Cruz; Declared of Municipal Interest by the Honorable Deliberative Council of Rio Gallegos, and has the Official Support of the Argentine Chamber of Craft Beer Producers (CAPCA).

    We thank CDS Río Gallegos for their participation and management.

  • CDS and its contribution to Garrahan

    Commitment & action

    On Saturday, April 6, six trucks loaded with paper, plastic caps, aluminum cans, keys and radiographic plates left for Buenos Aires to be recycled by the Environmental Program of the Garrahan Foundation. The load is the result of the first meeting of the year held in all the fire stations and with the collaboration of volunteers, companies and public institutions that returned to give their solidarity.

    The president of the Garrahan Foundation, Dr. Jorge Menehem, traveled exclusively to be present in this first meeting, as well as Lic. Patricia Gavilán, in charge of the Recycling and Environment Program of that institution. Both accompanied the reference of the foundation in Ushuaia, Viviana Remy and the volunteers who collaborated in the initiative.

    Regarding the growth of the program throughout its 20 years of permanence, the president of the foundation explained: "We started with a warehouse of 300 square meters and today we have the entire recycling center in an area of ??3,600 square meters, which speaks for itself of the magnitude of the program's growth ".

    He also highlighted the efforts of transport companies that donate their services to move the material and those who collaborate with the customs procedures necessary to remove the material from the island: "The carriers allow us to continue with all this and for that I want to thank. Otherwise, everything the people put together would go in logistics, which in this case is zero pesos for us. "

    For her part, Viviana Remy also thanked all those who collaborated on this occasion: "Thank you for the 6 trucks that are the result of this first stage of the year. Each one brought his contribution and together we were able to fulfill a new dream. Thank you dear firefighters from all the barracks for opening their doors and thank you very much central barracks for providing the beautiful space to work comfortable, warm and with very good accompaniment ".

    We were one of the logistics operators who once again said present in this great crusade.

  • Innovation in the management of logistics talents

    Present at the 11th CEDOL Meeting

    The meeting in which major issues of the supply chain are analyzed by the main logistics operators of the country was finalized on April 10 at the Goldcenter center of Parque Norte, on Cantilo and Guiraldes Avenue in the City of Buenos Aires.

    An ideal space for networking and updating, with more than 1,000 logistics professionals from all over the country, where those responsible for the merchandise movement of the main industries approached solutions to interact with their users, addressing outstanding issues that affect the professional of the sector and its activity. .

    The Chamber of Logistics Operators (CEDOL) was founded in November 1998 to assume the representation of companies whose main activity is the provision of logistics services.

    With a great call, the first great logistics event of the season was held in the Golden Center room of Parque Norte in the city of Buenos Aires.

    During the opening, Jorge López, president of CEDOL, highlighted the work of the technical departments that operate in the Chamber, "where professionals from different companies meet to discuss problems, exchange ideas and agree on common alternatives to improve logistics activity." On the new technical publication, the number 11, published by the institution, stressed that "it was a great demonstration of teamwork, since 16 professionals from 10 different companies came together to translate into the book a shared knowledge that will be projected towards the rest of the logistics sector ".

    He also expressed that "the most important asset that logistics companies have is the people, that is why talent management should be a priority of all areas of the company, especially the management". He added: "an organization that seeks to transcend needs to think about its people and innovation, especially in the face of new generations." Finally, López chose to paraphrase the Argentine Nobel Prize winner, Bernardo Houssay, and recalled that "rich and developed countries invest in talent; the poor do not. "

    Next, Alejandro Leiras, CEDOL's technical co-manager, explained that "one of the strong points that the Chamber's new publication worked on was the logistics intelligence, because the objective of the companies should always be the client. This, now thinks different, in real time, and from the logistics we must give value and permanent innovation, with intelligence ".

    In turn, Fernando Troilo, specialist and regional influencer in human resources, pointed out that "intergenerational coexistence is a key aspect. Millennials especially value those organizations that respect their people and have heads of profiles closer to a coach. That is why the fundamental question is what kind of companies and bosses should we build according to this vision, what kind of leaders we will need to achieve the commitment of the next generations who join the labor market ".

    For his part, Miguel Di Leo, a reference in Management and Human Resources, said that "in Argentina there are no leaders and a particular situation is seen. We find more employees in activity looking for a new position, than unemployed looking for work ".

    During the second module, Carlos Musante, Technical Manager of CEDOL, presented the results of the 2nd Benchmarking of logistics costs made by the Latin American Logistics Association (ALALOG) and which places Argentina well above the regional average, barely surpassed by Uruguay. "It is striking that in 2017 the location was reversed between these 2 countries, which shows that both come over the rest long ago and that difference lies basically in the value of fuel and labor," he reflected. Also, when reviewing the figures of the study in which 11 countries of the region participated, Musante acknowledged that the exchange rate is important but it is not all: "really what makes us gain productivity, which is what we all need at the regional level , is the existence of strategic plans and logistics infrastructure, aspects where the entire region has large arrears. "

    In the last section of the Meeting, the scientist Diego Golombek was presented, who kept the attendees engaged with his presentation "The logistics of the brain" and several exercises that awoke the amazement of the attendees. In the end, about his perception of the national business reality, Golombek pointed out: "the companies that integrated the knowledge to their daily management have achieved great success but, unfortunately, the Argentine businessman has other urgencies in which to invest".

    Cruz del Sur, in addition to witnessing the event, participated in the edition of the book through the chapter "Program of incentives in compensation management" whose author is Alvaro Goncalves, Human Resources Manager.

    Again we witness this meeting of update and commitment to the field from the representation of referents of the Commercial Department and, also, Human Resources.